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Changes to registration process

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Changes to registration process

Postby admin » Mon May 09, 2016 11:31 am

Hi chaps,

I have closed off registration to the forum for the time being. I will open up in the next week or so when i have a new process in place.

Registration will be through referral. ie All new registrations will be checked out for there authenticity with the referee they have named.

Couple of reasons for this.

First of read a cracking comment from Terry Does Facebook last week, when talking of his battle with illness. to paraphrase
From this has emerged a resolve to make the most of the precious time I have available to me. I'll forever do my best not to waste another second on attention-seekers, drama queens, stress puppies and similar drains on my irreplaceable time resources.

This made me think of some stuff thats happened on here over my time here.

One of the forum rules of conduct it is stated

Misrepresentation / dishonesty / passing oneself of as another = perma ban

Over my time on here, I have caught 3 folk doing this. As much as it can be a jolly good piss take, some of the time ulterior motives may be at play. ie circumventing bans, out to cause mischief. I have had some accusations of some accounts used for this recently.

So really cannae be arsed with this type of behaviour or indeed want to expend my precious time trying to hunt the type of dullard down that wants to do this.

So henceforth will be going for the referee system. to transfer accountability.

When an established forum member (will set a minimum post count for this) verifies they know a new registered user, i will activate the account.

If that user turns out to be breaking the above rule - the referee and the user will receive a permaban. Simples.

This doesn't mean that the referee will be accountable for all the new users activities, as many people are ok in the flesh and turn out to be proper tits on the internet or indeed some are established tits on the internet , then the new user will be solely accountable as per the rules of the forum.

Will keep ya posted when i have it sorted out :mrgreen:
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