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Rules of conduct

Postby admin » Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:45 pm

Just to make this quite clear as I feel it is now required.

The forum will be moderated and run in such away that there will be free expression of speech, even if the expression is contrary to the beliefs and or opinion of admin and moderation teams.

However the following behaviours will result in warning / temporary / permanent ban as I will have final word on.

Antagonistic behaviour that would lead to full on falling out
Name calling - This isn't primary school!
Anything that would bring our past time into disrepute.
Misrepresentation / dishonesty / passing oneself of as another = perma ban

This small list is not final, and with hold all rights to adjust and amend as necessary.

Banter most welcomed, free opinion welcomed. Crossing the line - you may not be asked back.

The moderation team has been asked to store all pulled posts in the moderator forum, so fair and proper judgement can be implemented.

I want this forum to be as open as possible in the manner in which it was conceived, but will not in any way let it get out of control.

ATB Bam / UberAdmin
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